How do we make our NAGMAN? 
We buy the Kariteboom fruits and hire local women to make the butter. This is under the supervision of someone from our team who is traveling to Togo for this purpose. The fruits are peeled and dried in a loam oven. 
Afterwards they are crushed in a large mortar and the resulting mass is diluted with hot water and beaten up. The butter melts, floats upwards and can then be scooped off. 
During the cooling process, a yellow-white mass with a slightly spicy smell is formed. 
This is the unrefined Sheabutter. The end product that is comparable to the churning of milk. A product that is 100% bio without added resources that we offer as NAGMAN PURE KARITE. 
We also have a humanitarian purpose with the sale of our product. 
By giving local women in Africa work, these women can maintain their children independently and go to school. Every pot of NPK you buy supports the life improvement of the local population in Togo! The special thing about NPK is that it is a natural and a vegetable product with a high unsaponifiables content. 
(11%) This makes it a versatile, effective and well-depleted product. It contains important substances such as Allantoin, Vitamin A, E, D, F and Cinnamic acid. It can be used for both women, men and children.

• Reduces and prevents premature wrinkles and makes your skin supple and taut.
• Stimulates blood flow, cell division and production of collagen.
• Restores sunburnt skin.
• Takes the pain away from burns, insect bites, itching and prevents swelling.
• Works with various skin problems such as: acne, psoriasis, neurodermus, eczema, large pores, removes calluses and protects against winter hands and feet.
• Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy (rubbing the abdomen daily from 6 months). NPK will also improve your skin with existing stretch marks and cellulite.
• Even with painful muscles and joints, NPK will provide relief

• Do you suffer from hair loss, dry and fluffy hair? Here too NPK shows its natural strength because it promotes hair growth and ensures healthy, full and shiny hair. 
• TIP: When flossing and styling the hair: Massage a little bit of NPK on the hair and the scalp for optimal protection of your hair. 

If it is already known that the moisture-binding effect of the kariteboter in combination with other oils is considered a very good care agent for the skin what do you think of our pure version of the kariteboter? 

It is widely used in the food industry to replace cocoa butter in chocolate. In addition to all its vitamins, it also has the advantage that, with temperature differences during storage, there is no gray veil on the surface of the chocolate products. You can also use it to cook with, thereby stimulating the external effect of NPK. It will help you to maintain your metabolism that is important for your skin. 

Also an advantage of NPK is that no allergic reactions are known so is completely safe for your skin and hair. The product can be stored for a long time, at least 2 years. Provided it is kept cool and dry. 

Starting today, you only need 1 jar of NPK in your bathroom. Order this unique product and discover for yourself the many benefits for your skin and hair, but also for your wallet!